Our Mission

The mission of Illinois Harvest and White Walnut Farms is to conduct successful, large-scale farming and conservation activities, while having a good time.  

A big "Thank You" to everyone who helps us fulfill our mission. - The Engelhardt Family

Farming Activities

Illinois Harvest grows corn, soybeans and wheat in Perry County, Illinois on a wide variety of terrain and soil types.  Conservation is a major priority in our farming activities, and we share around 5% of our corn and soybean crops with the abundant wildlife.  Due to the rolling terrain in this southern Illinois County, no-till practices are employed where appropriate and a corn-wheat-soybean rotation is frequently used to maximize the period that cover crops are on the land.

Illinois Harvest also manages a partially owned affiliate, Southern Illinois Harvest, which operates in Jackson, Franklin and Williamson counties.  We are assisted by two tenants and will begin farming a block of the property in 2017.

We take pride in the additional landowners that have entered into farmland leases with us this past year, and we are committed to being good stewards of their property.  If you have an interest in leasing your farmland, please contact us at info@illinoisharvest.com.  We offer a variety of competitive leasing arrangements and look forward to working with you.


Conservation & Wildlife

White Walnut and Beaucoup Farms own much of the farmland operated by Illinois Harvest in Perry County.  They also own large blocks of timber, large lakes and other wildlife habitat.  Two major watersheds, White Walnut Creek and Beaucoup Creek, flow through the Farm.  As you will note in the conservation photo gallery, numerous species of wildlife make the Farm their home.  The Southern Illinois Harvest property is adjacent to a 4,400 acre wildlife area owned by the Illinois Department of Natural Resources.  It is also prime habitat for wildlife, especially waterfowl.

We are proud to have recently hosted the film crew for LL Bean's program, Guide to the Outdoors, which airs on the Outdoor Channel.  They filmed a whitetail hunt and provided well deserved recognition to the excellent hunting in the local community.